Self-Redemption Games

Test Your Skill!

Self-redemption machines appeal to all ages. From plush animal cranes and candy machines to toy dispensers, we cover all the bases with a wide selection! 

We provide the machines and take care of all the installation, setup, and repairs.

In addition to revenue you’re already generating, you will attract more visitors who will increase your profit with a cut of the revenue collected from the machines! 

Do you need a self-redemption game for a weekend or short-run event? That’s not a problem! We provide equipment for fairs, multi-day events and more. Contact us today to learn what options we have for you.

Ask about other products we provide to bundle several money- generating solutions together and enhance your next event!

Commitment to Service

Self-Redemption Game Examples

Here are a few possible games that we can place in your business to retain customers and drive traffic.