Electronic Dart Boards

Hit Your Mark!

Do you love soft-tip darts and want attractive equipment that draws players and leagues?

J&S can bring you players, which generates more income for you. A competitive profit split on the equipment paired with increased inside sales for your location means you win!

We provide the equipment, service and league system to bring more value to your customer experience. Call J&S Electronics today to get set up and start nailing those business bulls!

Commitment to Service

Arachnid 360 Dartboards

We proudly supply the latest generation Arachnid (Bullshooter) electronic dartboards. They have top-level features for both the casual and serious darter.

*This is the Arachnid G3 Fire dart board. Other boards may be available such as the Arachnid G3 Plus

Online Gameplay

Casual, league or tournament play, online, matched up with players from all over the world! Your league players stay in your location every week!

Game Selection

’01, Cricket, Bermuda Triangle, and a range of other games to shake up the player experience.

High Quality Graphics

Get noticed with LED’s, synchronized attraction screens, display graphics for player feats (hat trick, high ton, etc.) and on-screen advertisements that cycle.

Competitive Options

Take the game to another level with the reversible darthead. Start on the 15″ board, and reverse to 13″ to hone your skills.

Worldwide Digital Integration

This system lets players gain worldwide rankings and stats, and has a compatible league system managed in our office.


For more information on the machines, visit the site.