Do you own or operate a business? Are you a tournament director or maybe wedding coordinator? J&S Electronics provides the products and equipment to help your business or event grow.

Common J&S Electronics Customers:

  • Restaurants
  • Bar and Grills
  • Family Fun Centers
  • Private Clubs
  • Laundromats
  • Roller Rinks
  • Fairs and festivals
  • Competitions and tournaments
  • Large social events
  • More…

Games and equipment can draw more people to your location and ignite sales potential to help realize your vision.

Put our jukebox, dart boards and pool tables in to entertain your patrons. Give the family atmosphere with our self-redemption and video games. Add an ATM to keep them in there with easy access to extra money. J&S helps you plan your layout, install the equipment, and service and maintain all our equipment. Your business benefits from equipment profit share and increased inside sales. With available 24/7/365 service, it’s a win!


How do you make money without having to provide the money? Let us place an ATM at your location and discover the potential to increase your profit!


Not the same old song and dance! Find out why you need a TouchTunes setup in your location.

Self-Redemption Games

Everyone loves prizes! Find out how your business will make money and save cash outlay, while increasing your inside sales.

Dart Boards

Learn about the latest generation of dart boards and J&S Electronics leagues that almost guarantees revenue for your business.

Pool Tables

Pool is great for meeting new people and a fun social activity! Find out how adding this popular product can positively impact your business vision.

Amusement Games

Who doesn’t love some competition? Enhance your customer experience with exciting in-house challenges and watch your customers have fun while increasing your profit share!